EXCLUSIVE PUSHKIN HOUSE PRIZE AUTHOR VIDEOS (Q&A interviews with each author are available to read here.)

Gabriel Gorodetsky on the essence of his book 'The Maisky Diaries' (Video edit: Victor Jack)

Dominic Lieven on the main thesis behind 'Towards the Flame' (Video edit: Victor Jack)

Dominic Lieven on his exciting finds in the Russian archives (Video edit: Victor Jack)

Oleg Khlevniuk on the thesis behind his 'Stalin: New Biography of a Dictator' (speaking in Russian)

Alfred Rieber on the main conclusions of 'Stalin and the Struggle for Supremacy in Eurasia' (Video edit: Victor Jack)

Bobo Lo on 'Russia and the New World Disorder'

Prof. Robert Service on 'The End of the Cold War'