Professor John Russell

Chechnya’s energetic young head of state cuts a controversial figure on both the domestic and international stage. While Russian President Vladimir Putin’s protege has presided over an impressive upturn in the fortunes of this formerly conflict-ridden region of the North Caucasus, questions linger over both his human rights record and his semi-authoritarian, semi-playboy style of rule.

This talk will examine some of the key relationships between Russia and Chechnya, including that between Putin and Kadyrov, between Kadyrov and the Chechen people and between Russians and Chechens in general.

John Russell is Professor of Russian and Security Studies at the University of Bradford and is author of Chechnya – Russia’s War on Terror (Routledge, 2007) as well as a number of recent articles on Kadyrov, Chechnya, Russia’s counterterrorist strategies and East-West relations under Putin and Medvedev.

The name of this talk is the provisional title of his forthcoming book.

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