The Old Tales of Kitezh Grad: Sing Russian with OperaCoast

So the legend goes that when the Mongols approached Kitezh Grad, its citizens were not even trying to defend themselves as they fully trusted into God’s protection. They prayed together until, in front of the astonished invaders, the whole town submerged under the waters of Lake Svetloyar until nothing was seen, but the cross on the golden dome of the cathedral. It said that only those who are pure in their heart and soul will find their way to Kitezh.

A programme of operatic arias and ensembles from Russian operas, based on Russian fairy tales and folklore, is performed by OperaCoast soloists. This performance is a highlight of the Sing Russian course, run annually by OperaCoast and design to enable non-Russian speaking professional singers to perform Russian repertoire in the original language.