CHAI A LA RUSSE : Russian Chocolate Masterclass with Tanya Nesterova

It’s tea time now, but tea with a difference - it’s à la Russe. It’s a time to remember and revive our favourite tradition when we spent all those long hours with friends drinking tea with the table full of goodies, and we talked and talked … about the meaning of life and stuff like that.

The afternoon will begin with a Prosecco reception, then move on to a chocolate masterclass before the tea session begins where you’ll be free to indulge in all the old favourites: tulskiy pryaniks, Russian chocolates, sushki, petit sandwiches with a host of sweet delights thrown in, all accompanied by the best British Fortnum & Mason teas, or coffee if you’d prefer. And chocolate eggs, of course.

So come along with a friend or on your own to rediscover the best life in Mother Russia could offer.




The history of chocolate
How chocolate is made
How to taste chocolate

TEA SESSION (ЧАЕПИТИЕ) with Fortnum & Mason teas, and famous and traditional Russian chocolates and biscuits