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Russian Film Week: Women in Film: "Harmony" & "Teriberka"


Q&A with film director, writer and producer: Lidia Sheinin
Russia: 2017 (Duration: 90 min or 59 min)

Age and fragile health force an elderly Russian lady to share her apartment with her niece and four children. Her former world of calmness surrounding fine, family keepsakes and beloved piano, are brought into danger under the impetus of her young family’s wild energy.

Her two worlds forced into cohabitation could not be further apart: the remains of an affluent class versus, the literal and figurative, “proletariat”. 


Teriberka / Териберка 
Russia: 2017, 12+ (Duration: 41min)
Director: Yulia Varentsova

Teriberka – is a small village on the shores of the Barents Sea, which has become famous with thanks to Leviathan, a film by Andrei Zvyagintsev, as a symbol of Russian backwoods ? and hopelessness. Entrepreneur, Boris Akimov, has decided to take advantage of Teriberka’s important growth potential and current fame. He plans to open seafood farms, cafes, hotels, and a festival of contemporary art. Will he succeed? 

The winner of RFW partner festival Bridge of Arts competition: Russia Inspires.