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Production: Konstantin Selin
Script & Director & Camera & Producer: Konstantin Selin
Producer: Maya Selina
Sound: Anastasiya Vladimirova
78 min, Russia 2017
The film will be in Russian with English subtitles

When in November 2015 in Russia the toll system for heavy trucks on Federal highways was imposed, it changed the life of its long-distance drivers. In November 2015 a system called Plato was introduced to Russia - a toll system for trucks. After that every truck driver had to install a special tracking system and pay 3 roubles per kilometer. The new system led to a number of protests around the country. For Oleg and Andrew drivers from Saint-Petersburg it seemed unfair that all collected money had to go not to the government but to a private company established by a president's friend. Culmination of the problem became the fact that the representatives of the government refused to communicate with drivers and started an information war against them, after which the drivers decided to take more serious action. Late at night Andrew and Oleg together with other drivers went by truck from Saint-Petersburg to Moscow, determined to overturn the system. The main goal was to make the president listen and support them, so they could safely return to work safely. Nobody would expect that what started as a peaceful protest by the truck drivers would transform into a huge strike that lasted two months or more and became one of the leading protests of the time. 

The film was shown at the "Artdocfest" - the largest documentary film festival in Russia. Chronicles of a revolution that didn't happen won an award for Best Debut Film at the "Saratov Sufferings" International Documentary Festival.


For several years Konstantin Selin worked as an editor in the Krasnoyarsk TV company "Afontovo". He graduated from the Halperin Faculty of Photojournalists, in the same year Konstantin underwent a training course in Bedfordshire University in England as a director of documentary films. In 2014 he completed work on a documentary film "Sunday", and was appointed a chairman of the student jury at the 24th International Film Festival "Message to Man". His graduation film was called "Soon a New Happy Life Will Come". In 2016, he took part in the "East-West Talent Lab" within the "go East" Festival (Germany, Weisbaden), where he presented a draft of the new film «Chronicles of a revolution that didn`t happen». Konstantin was invited to Holland as a director to work on the documentary project "Neimen-Pskov: at the same time". In 2017, he took part in the scenario workshop SiberiaDOC with the project "To fulfill a dream", which was afterwards presented at pitching in Wiesbaden (Go East, 2017) and pitching ArtDocFest Riga 2017.

Article by Giuliano Vivaldi   

Режиссер: Константин Селин
Продюсер: Мая Селина
Звук: Анастасия Владимировна
78 мин, Россия 2017
Показ фильма состоится на русском языке с английскими субтитрами

Олег и Андрей - водители-дальнобойщики, которые большую часть жизни провели за рулем больших грузовиков. После долгих лет круглосуточной работы, им удалось построить бизнес и разрешить материальные проблемы. Они могли заниматься любимым делом и достойно обеспечивать свои семьи. Когда в ноябре 2015 года в России ввели платный проезд по всем федеральным трассам для тяжелых грузовиков, жизнь водителей резко изменилась. Систему взимания платы назвали “Платон” (“плата за тонны”). Поздней ночью Андрей и Олег вместе с другими дальнобойщиками выехали из Петербурга в Москву, чтобы отменить эту систему.

Фильм был показан на фестивале "Артдокфест" (Москва, Санкт-Петербург, Екатеринбург). На фестивале "Саратовские страдания" получил награду за лучший дебют.