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This workshop will give a compact and versatile insight into the modelling and construction of shapes from coloured scotch tape. It is meant not only to develop the fine motor skills of children, but also to improve creativity and understanding of how to work with different materials. The world is changing very quickly. Contemporary materials replace natural ones. This workshop will provide a lesson in contemporary Art & Design, teaching children how to construct different shapes from paper and how to combine and add colour to them using Scotch tape. At the end of the workshop every child will be able to leave with their designed pet.

Workshop format: Creative workshop. The group of children will sit around a table and create different animals from paper and coloured scotch tape.

Materials: white paper, coloured scotch tape, scissors, plastic eyes.

Who is this workshop suitable for: This workshop is open to all young people aged 6 to 16.

Masha is an artist, designer and PhD researcher at the Free University of Brussels. More about Masha here:

WORKSHOP Colour Tape Zoo
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