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This workshop will give a compact and versatile insight into the vintage paper mache technique. It is meant not only to develop fine motor skills of children, but also to improve creativity and understanding of how to work with different materials. The day will encourage a sort of artistic recycling, teaching children how to transform information noise into something beautiful, peaceful and pleasurable.

Paper mache (literally "chewed paper") is a composite material consisting of paper pieces, reinforced with an adhesive, such as wallpaper paste. This technique has a long history. The first examples of paper mache artefacts were found in China (created approximately in 202 ВС). Starting around 1725 in Europe, gilded paper mache began to appear as a low-cost alternative to similarly treated plaster or carved wood in architecture. In the 19th century Russia had a thriving industry in ornamental paper mache. A large assortment of painted Russian paper mache items appear in a Tiffany & Co. catalogue from 1893. Art jewellery from paper mache and newspaper slogans is a special technique, created my Masha Trotzky in 2015.

Workshop format: Creative workshop. The group of children will sit around a table and create necklaces using the paper mache technique.

Materials: white paper, Russian newspapers, wallpaper paste, plastic beads, silk ribbons, scissors.

Who is this workshop suitable for: This workshop is open to all young people aged 6 to 16.

Masha is an artist, designer and PhD researcher at the Free University of Brussels. More about Masha here:

WORKSHOP Newspaper Jewellery
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