Part of the Revolution season at Pushkin House.

Glossolalia: a sound installation based on Khlebnikov’s Language of the Future by the Iced Architects.

at Pushkin House from 26th January for one week.

For revolutionary poet Velemir Khlebnikov, the variety of human languages was the result of forgetting the universal pre-Babylonian language. Breaking the link between sound and sense, he proposed to destroy the tower of Babel, or dig a pit of Babel instead, in order to find a common language for all at the bottom of it. As for the construction of towers, the digging of grandiose pits requires a huge number of people. This sound installation  mechanically reproduces Khlebnikov's glossolalia, or imagined language, inviting all who wish to join this experiment, and try to understand and reconstruct the forgotten common language of humanity. 

If you wish to experience Glossolalia, please visit Pushkin House between 2 and 5pm 26th January - 2nd February, or contact the office.

For those wishing to learn more about the work of Velemir Khlebnikov, we invite you to the following event at Kings College London.