Kopeikin Meets London

Nikolay Kopeikin

14 June –  10 July 2012

With Alexander Borovsky (catalogue foreword) and Edward Lucie-Smith (exhibition opening)

An exhibition of renowned Russian artist Nikolay Kopeikin. Organised by the London Collectors Club and staged in the inviting gallery space of Pushkin House near the British Museum. ‘Pushkin Meets London” is the first show of Nikolay Kopeikin’s works ever made in London and the UK.

The artist presents his works including a new series depicting the world famous 19-th century Russian poet Alexander Pushkin visiting London in the Olympic year. As with all Kopeikin’s work, his humour is international and reflects the artitst’s increasing interest in the world outside of Russia. His talent is evoling with the changing times: from capturing post-Soviet characters he moves on to depicting modern social types masterfully blending national and universal and appealing to the audiences world-wide.

Cheburashka in London . Acrylic on Canvas. 2012.

Cheburashka in London. Acrylic on Canvas. 2012.