The Beggar and Other Stories by Gaito Gazdanov

The Beggar and Other Stories by Gaito Gazdanov


‘Gazdanov is amodernist master’ — Irish Times

‘TheGazdanov revival… is nothing short of a literary event’ —TLS

In a Paris underpass, dirtyand dressed in rags, stands a silent beggar. In the evening, he walks thedeserted streets; at night, he sleeps in a small, foetid crate vacated by thedeath of another beggar. He is poor and he is ill, but, on reflection, he isfree.

Never before published in English, this landmarkcollection represents a series of six compact miniatures by modernist masterGaito Gazdanov. From the exploits of a secret agent on a mission to SovietRussia, to the drama of an adulterous affair with the power to destroy a womanand her family, these lyrical stories have itall.

Translated with intelligence and grace by BryanKaretnyk, The Beggar and Other Stories shows the author ofThe Spectre of Alexander Wolf at his very best.

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