Please choose between 5-6 canapes. Minimum order: 15 people/75 canapes


Mushroom Pirozhki w Dill, Spring Onions, Egg, Sour Cream @ £2.00 each

Cabbage Pirozhki w Dill, Spring Onions, Egg, Sour Cream @ £2.00 each

Potato Pirozhki w Dill, spring Onions, Egg, Sour Cream @ £2.00 each

Bourek w Feta, Mozzarells, Halloumi, Spring Onions, Chives, Sesame and Onions Seeds @ £2.00 each

Aubergine Rolls w Feta, Mozzarella, Mint, Pine Nuts @ £2.00 each

Croustades w Salat Oliv’ye and Quail’s Egg @ £2.00 each

Croustades w Smokey Aubergine, Griddled Aubergine and Pomegranates @ £2.20 each

Mushroom Stroganov Pies @ £2.50 each


Aubergine Caviar on Borodinsky Bread w Smoked Sausage @ £2.20 each

Chicken Lollipops @ £2.20 each

Mini Bagels w Pastrami, Mustard and Pickle @ £2.20 each 

Filo tartlets with Beef, Chilli, Sesame Seeds and Lime @ £2.50 each 


Blinis w Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Salmon Caviar @ £2.50 each

Croustades w Crab, Ginger, Lime, Sesame Seeds @ £2.50 each

Marinated Herring on Borodinsky bread w Beetroot and Horseradish @ £2.50 each

Eggs a la Russe w Anchovy and Salmon Caviar @ £2.50 each


Dates Stuffed w Mascarpone, Pistachios and Orange Water @ £2.20 each 

Croustades with Lemony Smetana and Raspberries @ £2.20 each

All canapés may contain traces of nuts.

*Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT