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Князь /The Prince is Back

Language: In Russian with English subtitles

This is the story of one man's uncompromising fight to achieve his dream against all odds. The documentary chronicles Prince Eugene Meshersky's struggle to resurrect his life while restoring the rubble of his ancestor's castle to its former glory. In a tiny village outside Moscow, we live with the Prince, his wife, and his three young children on dirt floors and open windows as he digs a well, removes vagrants from the property, replants the gardens and dreams about a brighter future. Through the eyes of his tenant, his friends and his neighbors we get a rare account of what life is like for "real" people far away from the glare of news reporters and TV cameras. We meet the Prince's father; a true aristocrat from a generation long gone and we attend the Czar's belated funeral in St. Petersburg in the company of Russia's President and other visiting Dignitaries. While the columns of the Castle give testimony to its grandiose past, we realize that the ruins are a metaphor for the House of Russia, its shattered dreams, its ongoing struggle, and its unwavering commitment to a better future. The story is about human resilience and the unbreakable human spirit. Every picture we see is TRUE in the best Documentary tradition. The story is Universal....It could have happened anywhere and at any time. Russian with English Subtitles. 59 minutes, 2004; 1999


  • Director, Writer and Cinematographer; MARINA GOLDOVSKAYA


  • The Spirit Award 2002; The MOONDANCE International Film Festival, Boulder, Colorado
  • Feature Documentary, Honorable Mention 2000: IDA Los Angeles
  • Special Jury Prize 2000; Athens International Film Festival, Athens, Ohio
  • The Silver Rembrandt 2000; Le Nombre D'Or Wide Screen Film Festival, Amsterdam
  • The TELLY Award 2000; Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Screened at 24 Film Festivals 2000 Worldwide

Further screenings:

20.03.13 - Retrospective Closing. Unfortunately, Marina Goldovskaya will not be able to join us forthe retrospective closing. Screening: Анатолий Рыбаков.Послесловие/ Anatoly Rybakov.The Russian Story. 2006, 52 min and Три песни о родине,/Three Songs about Motherland , 2008 39 mins

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