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Age of Delirium

Language: In English

7.00pm Introduction by David Satter 7.30pm Screening followed by Q[&]A

Duration: 1 hour 48 minutes

Produced by the Hudson Institute and Film Studio Devini (Latvia) in association with EuroASK Productions (Russia). Written, produced and directed by David Satter in collaboration with Andrei Nekrasov, Olga Konskaya, and Inara Kolmane and based on David Satter’s book “Age of Delirium: the Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union.”

The film, “Age of Delirium,” is the story of the fall of the Soviet Union as lived and experienced by the Soviet people. The film shows what it meant to construct an entire state on the basis of a false idea and how truthful information led to the Soviet Union’s rapid and unstoppable collapse.

“Age of Delirium” tells the story of Alexander Shatravka, who crossed the Soviet – Finnish border only to be handed back by the Finns and tortured in a mental hospital; of Nina Smirnova, a crippled girl who prayed for relief at a religious shrine and began to be persecuted by the communist authorities after she was miraculously cured; and of the young men of the city of Shadrinsk who believed in the Soviet ideology only to learn the reality of the Soviet system while fighting in Afghanistan. It also tells the stories of Ludvikas Simutis, who fought for the independence of Lithuania after the murder of his father, Olexandra Ovdjuk, who survived the Ukrainian famine, and many others. The film describes the Brezhnev era, the role of glasnost and the August 1991 coup, which led directly to the Soviet collapse.

In the end, the film illuminates the workings of an ideological society, the very type of society that would be most likely to use weapons of mass destruction. It shows how such a society creates its own fictitious “reality” and it gives insight into the state of Russian today where the Soviet legacy continues to make its influence felt.

Interview with David Satter about his film “Age of Delirium”

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