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Ivan Bunin won the Nobel Prize in 1933, but by the time of his death in 1953 the world of the Russian emigres in Paris had come to seem a mere backwater. The Red Army's victories seemed a vindication of the Soviet regime, and emigre literature seemed to have lost all relevance. The Soviet authorities ignored it, while Western Slavists, understandably felt it more important to be devote their energies to trying to understand the Soviet Union. During the last 20 years, however, the richness of Russian Paris has become more and more apparent. First Tsevetaeva and Bunin, then Teffi and Khodasevich, now Gaito Gazdanov have emerged from the shadows.

Professor Angela Brintlinge r will discuss both Bunin and her translation of Khodasevich's biography of Derzhavin. Robert Chandler will talk about Nadezhda Teffi and read some of his translations of Georgy Ivanov, who, in his last months, wrote some of the finest short lyrics in the Russian language. Bryan Karetnyk will talk about his much-praised translations of Gazdanov and other writers. Ivan Juritz will talk about the relationship of the relationship of emigre writers to French writers of the period. There will be time for audience discussion; the evening is intended as an open forum about the Russian emigre world.

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