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Strategy 2020 - the Shaping of a Grand Strategy for Russia?

Russia has been revising its strategic plans for the long term. New policies have been set in a wide range of areas including socio-economic development, national security, foreign policy and the development of the Russian energy sector.

Andrew Monaghan will explore the background to this strategic overhaul, looking at both the meaning of strategic planning for the current Russian leadership and the implications of their stated priorities. He will also discuss the roles of the main institutions of power in Russia which are involved in formulating these plans, such as the Presidential Administration, the Security Council, and individual ministries.

A key point of discussion is whether Moscow is actually capable of implementing its plans. In a difficult domestic and international context, the effectiveness of the “vertical of power” – the means by which the leadership seeks to have its plans and instructions fulfilled – is a crucial consideration.

Andrew will conclude by drawing some conclusions about the evolving nature of Russian strategy, and consequently about change and continuity in Russian domestic and foreign policy.


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