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Alexander Tvardovsky: A Talk by Geoffrey Hosking

Pushkin Club programme

Alexander Tvardovsky was a highly paradoxical figure. He was a true-believing Communist whose editorial work undermined the Communist ideology. He was author of the most popular Soviet patriotic poem, but also of one of the most effective satires of the Soviet system. His colleague Vladimir Lakshin saw him as a courageous fighter for genuine literature, while Alexander Solzhenitsyn considered him a nomenklatura barin. Geoffrey Hosking tries to unravel some of the complexities of this intriguing personality.

tl_files/images/events/2013/November/Hosking.jpg Geoffrey Hosking is Emeritus Professor of Russian History, School of Slavonic [&] East European Studies, University College London. He is author of Beyond Socialist Realism: Soviet fiction since Ivan Denisovich (1980), A History of the Soviet Union (3rd edition, 1992), and Rulers and Victims: the Russians in the Soviet Union (2007). He edited a series of papers on 'Trust and Distrust in the Soviet Union' in the Slavonic [&] East European Review , vol 91, no 1 (January 2013). in 2014 Oxford University Press will publish his book Trust: a history .

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