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Zakhar Prilepin and German Sadulaev: Literature in Russia Today

Zakhar Prilepin is the award-winning author of ‘Sin’, ‘San’kia’ and ‘Pathologies’. Before becoming a full-time writer, Prilepin served as a soldier in Chechnia. In a colourful back story, he has also been a labourer, security guard, TV and radio actor, and rap musician. Prilepin is a controversial political activist for the National Bolshevik Party and organises The Dissenters’ March in Nizhny Novgorod.

Prilepin’s war experiences formed the inspiration for his debut novel ‘Pathologies’ which was shortlisted for the 2005 National Bestseller Award. Prilepin’s political novel ‘San’kia’ (2006) won the Russian Booker Prize. His novel ‘Sin’ won the Super Natsbest Supernats Prize in 2011 which was awarded to the best Russian novel of the decade.

As a writer emerging in post-communist Russia, Prilepin’s works cover contemporary topics such as chronic unemployment, the Chechen war, cruelty and rooted violence. However his novels also feature timeless themes such as happiness, friendship, love, sin, and death.

Prilepin's combination of lucid prose and social consciousness has made him one of the most popular and acclaimed writers in Russia today, and drawn comparisons with the Russian classics. Newsweek in the USA described him as Russia’s young Hemingway and ‘probably the most important writer in modern Russia…a sensitive and intelligent critic of the country’s condition’.

Chechen novelist German Sadulaev is the author of the National Bestseller-shortlisted ‘I am a Chechen’ which is ‘a lyrical fusion of exotic legends, stories and memories of Chechnya’. Sadulaev also wrote ‘Snowstorm, or The Myth of the End of the World’ a grotesque fantasy satire on social Darwinism, which won the Eureka Prize; ‘Shali’s Prize (which won the Russian Booker Prize); and ‘A Pill’ (shortlisted for the National Bestseller Award and the Russian Booker Prize). He was brought up in Chechnia, in a town near the capital Groznii, but left his homeland in 1996 to reside in St Petersburg where he works as a lawyer and writes. In an interview with Artmageddon, Prilepin described Sadulaev as one of several modern-day ‘new realist’ writers he considered to be ‘brothers-in-arms’.

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