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'Crime and Punishment' with Dr Rowan Williams and Dr Oliver Ready

‘Crime and Punishment’ hinges on a murder scene of appalling violence and artistic brilliance, but what is the meaning of violence for Dostoevsky and his characters?

tl_files/images/events/2014/February/Rowan_Williams_-_by_Brian.jpg Dr Rowan Williams began his book‘Dostoevsky: Language, Faith and Fiction’(2008) by commenting on the modernity of Dostoevsky’s treatment of abuse and terrorism. Elsewhere, he has written of the ‘violent love of God’ for man and ‘the violent desire of human souls for God’. These themes will serve as a starting-point for a wide-ranging conversation around‘Crime and Punishment’and its author's 'language, faith and fiction'. Dr Oliver Ready will read from his new translation, published in February in Penguin Classics, and reflect on the experience of spending several years grappling with Dostoevsky’s language and voices – Raskolnikov, Sonia, Marmeladov, Katerina Ivanovna, Porfiry Petrovich and other unforgettable characters.

Dr Oliver Ready

Dr Oliver Ready is a research fellow in Russian Society and Culture and Director of the new Russkii Mir Programme at St Antony’s College, Oxford. His previous translations include ‘The Prussian Bride’ and ‘The Zero Train’ by Yuri Buida. He has recently published articles in Modern Language Review ('Aleksei Slapovskii and the Art of Adapting') and the Slavonic and East European Review ('In Praise of Booze: Moskva-Petushki and Erasmian Irony' and 'The Myth of Vasilii Rozanov the "Holy Fool" through the Twentieth Century'). He is general editor of the anthology, The Ties of Blood: Russian Literature from the 21st Century (Rossica, 2008) andwon the inaugural Rossica Translation Prize in 2005 for his translation of The Prussian Bride by Yuri Buida.

He is Consultant Editor for Russia and East-Central Europe at the Times Literary Supplement.


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