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Literature: Boris Akunin in conversation with Bridget Kendall

Russia's favourite crime writer, one of the judges of this year's Pushkin House Russian Book Prize , discusses his own writing, and Russia today, with BBC Diplomatic Correspondent and former Moscow Correspondent Bridget Kendall.

Boris Akunin is the pen name of Grigory Chkhartishvili, an essayist, literary translator and Russia's top-selling author of crime fiction. He was an expert on Japan at Moscow State University before becoming a full-time writer in 2000, when he was named Russian Writer of the Year and won the Russian "Anti-Booker" Prize. He is the author of The Writer and Suicide (Moscow, New Literary Review , 1999). Under his pseudonym Boris Akunin, he wrote the Erast Fandorin novels, three of which have been turned into movies. His works have been translated into 35 languages and have sold 25 million copies.


BBC Diplomatic Correspondent Bridget Kendall hosts the talk show The Forum on the BBC World Service and was BBC Moscow Correspondent from 1989-1995. She was the first woman to win the James Cameron Award for journalism for her reporting from the former Soviet Union.

The evening will be in English.


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