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Cardinal Points: a talk, in English, and a bilingual reading by Irina Mashinski and Robert Chandler

Language: In English

Irina Mashinski and Robert Chandler present “Cardinal Points” Journal , which they co-edit. This journal, “dedicated to destalinization of the air” with its focus on the work of such great 20th century writers as Platonov, Shalamov, and Grossman, is a spin off from an earlier, Russian language publication “Стороны света” founded in 2005 by the late Oleg Woolf and Irina Mashinski.

Oleg Woolf, a poet and prose writer of an immense gift, who died tragically in 2011, envisioned and shaped the StoSvet project of which CP is an integral part. Irina and Robert will talk about Oleg, his work and legacy, as well about the journal, its philosophy and contents and the importance of collaboration in the field of translation. They will read their poetry in English and in Russian. The audience will also hear recordings of songs Oleg wrote to his and Irina’s texts.

Oleg Woolf was born in 1954 in Moldova. A physicist by training, he traveled with geophysical expeditions of the Moscow Institute of Physics of The Earth to the Ural Mountains, Pamir, Altai, and the Caucasus. In 1989, he emigrated to the United States where he lived until his death in 2011. Oleg Woolf authored two books: Bessarabian Stamps (Stosvet Press, 2009 ) and We Will See Sosnov in Spring (Stosvet Press, 2010) . His short stories, essays, and poetry have been regularly featured in the leading literary periodicals and anthologies both in Russia and abroad, most recently in World Literature Today and Joyland . In 2005, Oleg Woolf founded the Stosvet literary project, which ultimately featured under one umbrella such journals, as Cardinal Points and Стороны света, as well as the Compass Translation Award , Union “I” portal , and StoSvet press .

*Irina Mashinski*is a bilingual poet and translator. She has authored seven books of poetry in Russian, and her most recent collection is Volk [Wolf] Poetry International, Fulcrum, Zeek, Prague Revue, and The London Magazine. Besides co-editing (with Robert Chandler and Boris Dralyuk) the “Cardinal Points” Journal literary journal, Mashinski serves on the editorial board for the NYC based translation project “Ars-Interpres.” She is the winner of several literary awards, including the First prizes at the Russian America (2001) and Maximilian Voloshin (2003) contests; her collection [Poems]
was nominated for the Apollon Grigoriev Award. Irina Mashinski holds a Ph.D. in Physical Geography and Paleoclimatology from Lomonosov Moscow State University and an M.F.A. in Poetry from New England College. In the US, she has worked as a high school teacher of Mathematics and Science and later as a professor of Western Humanities, Meteorology, and Russian History at NYU and Montclair State University.

Robert Chandler’ is the author of Alexander Pushkin (in the Hesperus ‘Brief Lives’ series), and the editor of Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida and Russian Magic Tales from Pushkin to Platonov (both Penguin Classics). His translations of Sappho and Guillaume Apollinaire are published in the series ‘Everyman’s Poetry’. His translations from Russian include Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate, Everything Flows and The Road as well as Leskov’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk and Aleksander Pushkin’s Dubrovsky and The Captain’s Daughter. His translation of Hamid Ismailov’s Central-Asian novel The Railway and his co-translations of works by Andrey Platonov have won prizes both in the UK and in the USA . His next collection of work by Andrey Platonov, an expanded edition of Happy Moscow, will be published by NYRB Classics in November. He teaches on the new UyluyE (Use Your Language, Use Your English) literary/academic translation course, and also (part-time) at Queen Mary, University of London. He is currently compiling an anthology of Russian poetry in translation, as well as translating more works by Vasily Grossman and Andrey Platonov.

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