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Eastern Voices - ‘Orthodox carols & Ukrainian and Russian traditional folk songs’

EASTERN VOICES perform and propagate Polish, Russian and Ukrainian traditional folk music. The ensemble, founded in 1999 in Poland, aims at preserving the most unique vocal styles and repertoire of local communities, mainly in southern Russia (Belgorod region), Poland (Kujawy) and Ukraine (Polesia). The repertoire of the group comprises both archaic ritual songs, related to the year cycle, as well as sophisticated polyphonic lyric songs performed with unconstrained voice and high level of mastery.

EASTERN VOICES have been learning their repertoire and the singing techniques mostly from the village masters, as well as from lecturers of the Tchaikovsky Music Conservatory (Kiev) and pedagogues – members of ‘Folklornyi Soyus’ (Moscow). Members of EASTERN VOICES have organised and taken part in a number of ethnographic expeditions, as well as musical projects and festivals in Poland, France, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. Recently they performed at the European Stadium of Culture during the 2012 Football Championship, as well as at the festivals: Sputnik nad Polska and The Oldest Songs of Europe. In Poland the group is known as WARSZAWA WSCHODNIA (East Warsaw).

The concert will be combined of three main parts: 1. Orthodox carols and wishing ‘shtchedrivki’ 2. Ukrainian traditional songs from Polesia and Poltava regions 3. Lyric repertoire from South Russia (Belgorod district). (for children under 6 and over 60)

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