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Elbrus - The Highest Mountain in Europe



In association with Go Russia

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No, they are not “the Alps”! The highest and most unique in mineral resources, relief, flora and fauna in Europe are the mountains of the Big Caucasus. They include five peaks of over 5,000 meters above sea level. The highest in Europe and most famous – majestic Elbrus – is a “must” for all mountain lovers and professional mountaineers. Elbrus is one of the “Seven Summit” peaks. The ascent to Elbrus requires only basic mountaineering skills, although high altitude and unpredictable weather make climbing more serious and challenging.

Apart from the cultural highlights and treasures of nature to be found in Elbrus area, the travel experts from Go Russia will give you details of accommodation and transport options available in the region, a wide range of holiday activities, and many other practicalities you need to consider before going to Russia. The seminar is supported by video and photographic presentation.

Tickets:admission is free, but booking is necessary

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