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Exhibition Opening Night: Fairy Tale Christmas from Polenovo

Fairy Tale Christmas

Exhibition of book illustrations by Elena Polenova

7 th December - 24 th January

Opening Night

The unique Arts and Crafts-period museum at Polenovo was established by the famous Russian painter Vassily Polenov in 1892 as his home and studio. Vassily Polenov had a big family and loved to create artistic entertainment for his children and grandchildren. Family celebrations at Polenovo were known for their unique performances and an atmosphere of freedom and delight. The artist would entertain all the local children with his Diorama performance, an illuminated picture show which took them on a magical trip around the world, from the canals of Venice to the African jungle and the painted pagodas of Beijing.

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Vassily’s sister, Elena Polenova, was also a gifted artist and a leading member of Russia’s Arts and Crafts Movement. She adored traditional Russian fairy tales which she retold and vividly brought to life with exquisite painted illustrations. The exhibition at Pushkin House in London brings together 25 high quality prints.

Friends and visitors of Pushkin House will have a unique opportunity to experience the Polenovo Diorama Show in London. On opening night, 9 th December, Museum Director, Natalya Polenova, great-grand-daughter of the artist and founder, will be hosting and performing this special family Christmas entertainment.

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