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Fidelio in the Gulag

Michael Hunt

Language: In Russian with English subtitles

Perm 36 was one of the last Soviet prison camps to close. On 9 October 2010 the site was turned into one of the most unique operatic sets the world has ever known. And for a performance of Fidelio, Beethoven only opera, by the Perm State Ballet and Opera. Director Michael Hunt comes to Pushkin House to introduce a screening of this remarkable cultural event.

The dramatic story of Leonora, who disguises herself as a guard and rescues her husband Florestan from prison, describes the descent into the literal and moral darkness of the prison and re-emergence into the light of freedom and love. This work of Beethoven, glorifying the triumph of freedom over tyranny, resonates in large measure with the experiences of those individuals who were imprisoned at Perm 36. This performance was designed as a reflection on the past and a warning for the future.

Michael Hunt, Director

Michael Hunt said “I am not an Englishman who wants to show you your history. I am a director who wants to show you my interpretation of the great Beethoven’s opera about love and freedom”

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