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4.3 Kilometres to Utopia Junction


Exhibition by students of Lambeth College, participants of workshops at Pushkin House.

Curators Lua Dornelles, Daniel Kwoka

Private view: Tuesday 12th March. 6.00 – 7.00 pm

12th - 26th March

What is Utopia? It is a question that will be answered differently by each individual person you ask. The literal translation in Greek is “non-place”; this is because a perfect haven like Utopia is unreachable.  For the Russian constructivists, Utopia was the foundation upon which the ideology of the movement was born; it was the reason why their creativity was driven. (Trishna Rehan, an artist).

Students of Lambeth College (Art BTEC National Diploma Level Three) have been visiting Pushkin House for series of lectures and workshops on Russian art. They were learning about history of Russian art: from Russian icons, the Russian avant-garde and Utopia to the development of Russian constructivism, design, photography,  architecture and contemporary art. The lectures were designed to link with the City Project that the students had been woking on in class as part of their Unit Five contextual studies. This project targeted to sit well in the student's personal statements for job applications and progression to university.

The students were encouraged to design posters and a logo for Pushkin House and create works on Utopia theme that inspired the artists of Russian constructivism. Working on the project for nine months, the young artists created an impressive body of works. The best of the works is presented on exhibition 4.3 Kilometres to Utopia Junction.

4.3 km to Utopia Junction by Trishna Rehan, Daniel Kwoka, you can read HERE.


Gloria Poiqui, Joe Calcott, Lua Dornelles, Farrah Gray, Daniel Kwoka, Godfrey Musoke, Tiago de Melo, Trishna Rehan, Vesta Rudnickaite, Isis Sedou, Lauren Taylor, James Webster, Lana Wheeler