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Literary Matrix: Writers on Writers. Anna Starobinets on Edgar Allan Poe

Anna Starobinets will discuss the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe, the father of detective stories, science fiction and literary horror, an author whose works have terrified readers since the 19th century. Poe is beloved not only for his short stories and poetry - with literary masterpieces such as The Tell-Tale Heart , The Raven and The Fall of the House of Usher being required reading - but also insightful book reviews by which he made his living.

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Anna Starobinets, born in Moscow in 1978, is an author of contemporary horror, suspense and fantasy novels, as well as a journalist working for a number of well-known publications. She is also a successful scriptwriter, with two feature films to her name. Starobinets identifies herself as a member of a new generation that does not feel the need or want to reinterpret or reprocess the Soviet past, something she has seen as a crucial ‘cultural idée fixe’. Starobinets’s debut novel, An Awkward Age , a novella accompanied by short stories, kickstarted a career that has led critics and publishers to compare her to writers such as Stephen King and Philip K. Dick. Her other books include Sanctuary 3/9 , a thriller loaded with primal fears and references to Russian folk tales, and a fantasy novel The Living, which is now available in English. Her novel The First Squad: the Moment of Truth was produced in tandem with a feature-length anime film set during World War II. Starobinets has also written two books for children. All of her novels have been nominated for the National Bestseller Prize.

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