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PUSHKIN HOUSE RUSSIAN ARCHITECTURE SERIES: Private View and Talk: Abstraction/Constructivism: British and Russian Responses to the City

Moscow New Landmarks and Urban Structure
lecture by Dr. Sergey Nikitin


Sergey NIKITIN is Founder and CEO of Velonotte International and Professor of Urbanistics at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).

Moscow urban life is changing fast, new places of interest appear and disappear like in time-lapse photography. These factors impede formation of multi-generational urban community for the Russia's biggest city. Urbanist and activist, " One of Moscow top connoisseurs " (The Moscow Times), prof. Sergey NIKITIN study the contemporary fortunes of key ensembles of Moscow - Tverskaya street, Pushkin square and surroundings of Moscow Cremlin.

Meeting will also feature presentation of Russia's top-notch educational brand Velonotte, created by Nikitin in 2007, which is being brought to London for the second time on the Midsummernight.

For more information about Velonotte CLICK HERE

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