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'On the Harmfulness of Tobacco' and 'The Queen of Spades'

A solo double-bill

On the Harmfulness of Tobacco by Anton Chekhov


The Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin

performed by Philip Lowrie

Language: In English

The distinguished actor Philip Lowrie, plays the hapless and hen-peckedIvan Ivanovich Nyukhin in Chekhov's one-act play, in which a man is compelled by his domineering wife to deliver a lecture, at the end of which we have learned far more about him than about the subject of the evils of smoking!

In the second part of this double-bill, Philip Lowrie gives adramaticreading of Pushkin's haunting short story, first published in 1834, and later the subject of an opera by Tchaikovsky.

In the course of his long career as an actor Philip Lowrie has worked in allsections of the profession. He has appeared several times in thetheatre in London, in roles ranging from Horatio in Hamlet to MajorMetcalf in The Mousetrap. He has played with most of the majorrepertory companies and made hundreds of television and radiobroadcasts. He is currently appearing as Dennis Tanner in CoronationStreet, a role he created in the very first episode and to which he
returned two years ago.He has given many readings of contemporary and classical poetry, hissolo performance of Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner beingmuch admired.Philip is very proud of his involvement in the charity The Actors'Benevolent Fund of which he is a Vice - President.

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