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Poetry Evening With Natalia Maeva

Language: In Russian

An evening with Natalia Maeva, an actress of the Moscow New Drama Theatre. In the programme – the Silver Age of Russian Poetry.


Pavel Vasiljev (1909 – 1937)

«He had the bright, swift and happy imagination. There is no great poetry without such imagination, and I have never seen anything like it in anyone during all that years which have passed since his death….» Boris Pasternak.

1. The mother of the steppe… 2. Come in my dream all that summery… 3. Together again… 4. Ever screw up your eyes… 5. Can’t get to you! I’ll stay alone on the foreign shore… 6. You have become so forgotten, strict and forgotten about me for ever… 7. I was envious of the beast in the forest burrow… 8. Irtysh 9. Three

Anna Akhmatova (1889 – 1966) – Nikolai Gumilev (1886 – 1921)

1. The last toast (A. Akhmatova) 2. Captains (series) (N. Gumilev) – « In far waters of Arctic and South ...» – « You all paladins of the Green Temple » – «Just look through the cliffs» «But there are the other regions in the world» 3. I didn’t cover the window.. (A. Akhmatova) 4. Giraffe (N. Gumilev) 5. Ballad («My friend Lucifer gave me five horses») (N. Gumilev) 6. And now you heavy and dull…(A. Akhmatova) 7. Exhausted by your long look…(A. Akhmatova) 8. Excerpt («Christ said: «blessed are the poor»...) (N. Gumilev)

and other poems…

Osip Mandelstam (1891 – 1938). The lyrics.

1. I Drink To Military Asters… 2. Dear my son…Depriving me of sea… 3. Schubert on the water, and Mozart in the birds’ din… 4. I will tell you with the utmost Candor: (cherry brandy) 5. Voronezh 6. For the thundering valor… 7. Goldfinch 8. Winter For Some Is Arak Spirit And Blue-eyed Punch 9. I must live… 10. Insomnia. Homer. Taut sails. 11. Mandelstam Street 12. Tsarskoe Selo ( to Georgy Ivanov) 13. Golden honey stream flowed from bottle…

Two poets. Titian Tabidze (1895 – 1937) and Jurgis Baltrushaitis (1873 – 1944) – graduates of the Moscow University. Their poetry and fate.

Titian Tabidze (translated by Boris Pasternak)

1. The poet at dawn… 2. I remember the field, the whispering barley (verses to Balmont)... 3. That remembered… 4. Be far away… 5. It’s not me who writes the verses… 6. I walk from Cherkeskaya by shallowed gorge…

Jurgis Baltrushaitis

I accept the wanderer’s burden and fate…


Marina Tsvetaeva (1892 – 1941)

1. You walk, looking just like me, 2. Don Juan (from the cycle) – « On the frosty dawn » – « Long upon the foggy dawn, the snowstorm did weep.. » – «And there was a Don Juan – sword…» 3. No impostor – I came home.. 4. On my frailty… 5. Poem of the end (1924)

Nikolay Aseyev (1889 – 1963)

I can’t live without you…

Konstantin Simonov (1915 -1979)

Wait for me and I’ll be back…

Boris Kornilov (1907 – 1938)

Pitching in the Caspian sea Come on, stir dear, go ahead horse….

Vladimir Lugovskoy (1901 – 1957)

The Bear Vengerka by students of the Military school

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