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The well-known and much-loved artist and illustrator Alexandr ‘Petrovich’ Voitsekhovsky was born in Moscow in 1964, the grandson of a polar explorer - but has lived nearly all his life in St Petersburg. He worked as a doctor in the emergency services for 10 years before gradually becoming a full-time artist. He has had more than 25 solo exhibitions worldwide.

Elena Varshavskaya of the Rhode Island School of Design describes him as ‘an outstanding graphic artist, who stands out for a rare gift of bringing together warm humanity and playfulness,

tl_files/images/events/2013/October/Photo 2.jpg acumen and good humour. His endearing treatment of everyday life is always tempered with irony introduced through elements of absurdity, fantasy and surprise used with unfailing ingenuity.’

Aleksandr Adabashyan writes of his work: ‘Alexander Voitsekhovsky reveals to us a world that is instantly recognizable yet unlike anything that exists. We recognize people whom we have never seen or imagined we experience fellow-feeling and compassion for things and people who have never been and never will be.’

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Petrovich will show and talk about his work and the stories it evokes, and discuss how he draws and what inspires him.

This event is suitable for children and adults from 6 years and upwards.

Adults £10, with up to 2 accompanying children free of charge.

Please email us on to confirm the number of children you are bringing.

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