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Russia Since Perestroika : Marina Goldovskaya’s Retrospective

Language: InRussian withEnglish subtitles

Screening: Мне 90 лет. Еще легка походка/ I am 90, MySteps Are Light (About Anastasia Tsvetaeva. Marina Tsvetaeva's sister) 1989, 60 mins

One of the most tragic episodes in the history of Russian poetry is the tragic fate of the legendary Marina Tsvetaeva, who returned to the USSR shortly before the start of World War II, then committed suicide in 1941. The fate of her sister, Anastasia - also a poet - is lesser known, despite the fact that she, too, had a life as interesting and nearly as tragic. This video-portrait of Anastasia Tsvetaeva, shot when she was over 90, is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a woman who saw history unfolding. Despite her advanced years, she maintains a bright wit, a charm, and a joie de vivre, evident as she recounts her memories.

  • Director and Cinematographer; MARINA GOLDOVSKAYA

Pushkin House is proud to present the Retrospective of Marina Goldovskaya, an eminent Russian documentary film-maker famed for her candid portrayal of people. The recipient of numerous documentary film and lifetime achievement awards, she currently serves as a professor at the UCLA School of Film and Television in Los Angeles. The documentaries screened in Pushkin House give a picture of Russia’s transformation after the Perestroika.

About Marina Goldovskaya

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