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Russia Since Perestroika : Marina Goldovskaya’s Retrospective

Language: In Russian with English subtitles

Screening: Архангельский мужик / Archangelsky muzhik 1986, 60 mins

Pushkin House is proud to present the Retrospective of Marina Goldovskaya, an eminent Russian documentary film-maker famed for her candid portrayal of people. The recipient of numerous documentary film and lifetime achievement awards, she currently serves as a professor at the UCLA School of Film and Television in Los Angeles. The documentaries screened in Pushkin House give a picture of Russia’s transformation after the Perestroika.

About Marina Goldovskaya

Архангельский мужик / Archangelsky muzhik , 1986, 60 mins

Stalin’s forced collectivization of Soviet farmers during the 1930’s was a failure, creating an ineffective system of agriculture. The collective farms were unable to meet set goals and provide badly needed food for a starving population. A simple man from Archangel, Nikolai Semenovich Sivkov, courageously and openly started opposing the system. Sivkov decided to modernize his father’s old farm by himself. A veritable “Jack of all trades,” hard-working, crafty, and stubborn, fully cognizant of modern technology, he fought the neighboring collective farm and the local Party leadership, which tried to do everything in their power to stop Sivkov private venture. The film revealing this one man’s struggle against the authorities became onre of the most powerful films of this period. Russian. 60 minutes, 1986

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• Director and Cinematographer; MARINA GOLDOVSKAYA

• Grand Prix of the International Electronic Film Festival; Cannes, France
• Best Documentary Of The Year; the Top National Prize; Moscow, USSR

Further screenings:

06.02.13 – Мне 90 лет. Еще легка походка/ I am 90, My Steps Are Light (About Anastasia Tsvetaeva. Marina Tsvetaeva’s sister) 1989, 60 mins

14.02.13 – Власть Соловецкая /Solovki Power 1987. 93 mins

20.02.13 – Осколки зеркала /The Shattered Mirror 1992 58 mins

28.02.13 -Повезло родиться в России /Lucky to Be Born in Russia 1994 58 mins

5 .03.13 – Дом с рыцарями/ The House on Arbat Street. 1993 59 mins

13.03.13 – Князь /The Prince is Back 1999/ 2004 59 mins

20.03.13 – Retrospective Closing: An Evening with Marina Goldovskaya. Screening: Три песни о родине/Three Songs about Motherland, 2008 39 mins

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