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Russia Since Perestroika : Marina Goldovskaya’s Retrospective

Language: In Russian with English subtitles

Screening: Горький вкус свободы/ A Bitter Taste of Freedom 2011, 88мин
Retrospective Opening. Introduced by Masha Karp

Pushkin House is proud to present the Retrospective of Marina Goldovskaya, an eminent Russian documentary film-maker famed for her candid portrayal of people. The recipient of numerous documentary film and lifetime achievement awards, she currently serves as a professor at the UCLA School of Film and Television in Los Angeles. The documentaries screened in Pushkin House give a picture of Russia’s transformation after the Perestroika.

About Marina Goldovskaya

“A BITTER TASTE OF FREEDOM” has been screened in numerous Film Festivals around the world (Sweden, Norway, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Moscow; it received Best Documentary Award in Montreal and Warsow International Festivals and had a great reception in theaters of Los Angeles, New York, Moscow. Additionally, it was screened in Universities and Film Centers around the world.

A Bitter Taste of Freedom

She was brave, she was bold, and she was beautiful. In her fearless quest to uncover the wrongdoings of the Russian State, Anna Politkovskaya inspired awe in some and fear in countless others. An investigative journalist for Moscow’s Novaya Gazeta, she was often the only spokesperson for victims of Putin’s government. Herswas a lonely voice, yet loud enough for the entire country to hear. It was too loud. At age 48 she was assassinated for simply doing her job.
Anna Plitkovskaya must have foreseen her own violent death. Like in a Greek tragedy, Destiny takes hold of her life. The heroine’s stubborn desire to help the oppressed, her tragic flaw, brings on her death. The decision to stay true to her calling was seemingly always her own. At every turn of her life, she would choose the road that led to the inevitable, tragic end. As a result, many see her life’s work heroic.
In my story politics is left on the side. Although inherently political, this film is not a political pamphlet. The State is a constant menacing presence, looming large in the background, with Anna’s voice there to comment on it.
This film is unlike any other films made about Anna, this is also a very personal film that also should work as a metaphor.

Marina Goldovskaya

• Director, Writer and Cinematographer; MARINA GOLDOVSKAYA
• Line-Producer; GEORGE HERZFELD
• Music and Sound Design; BRUCE HANIFA

Further screenings:

30.01.13 – Архангельский мужик / Archangelsky muzhik 1989, 60 mins

06.02.13 – Мне 90 лет. Еще легка походка/ I am 90, My Steps Are Light (About Anastasia Tsvetaeva. Marina Tsvetaeva’s sister) 1989, 60 mins

14.02.13 – Власть Соловецкая /Solovki Power 1987. 93 mins

20.02.13 – Осколки зеркала /The Shattered Mirror 1992 58 mins

28.02.13 -Повезло родиться в России /Lucky to Be Born in Russia 1994 58 mins

5 .03.13 – Дом с рыцарями/ The House on Arbat Street. 1993 59 mins

13.03.13 – Князь /The Prince is Back 1999/ 2004 59 mins

20.03.13 – Retrospective Closing: An Evening with Marina Goldovskaya. Screening: Три песни о родине/Three Songs about Motherland, 2008 39 mins

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