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Russian Writers’ Union Young Writers Panel

Language: in Russian

A whistle-stop tour of new Russian writing with a host of exciting authors, spread over 2 evenings at Pushkin House. Hear them read excerpts from their latest books and put your questions to them about their work. Revel in the glories of the Russian language and the written and spoken word. Tonight’s authors include: Sasha Krugosvetov. The author of children`s literature and political satire; Andrey Shcherbak-Zhuckov. Poet and journalist; Ekaterina Kordyukova. Poet and musician; Zinaida Mushinskaya. Poet, a member of the Russian Writers Union; Svetlana Lukashina. The author of novels in fantasy genre; Vladimir Umnov (Bludov). Writer, a member of the Russian Writers Union; Nadezhda Kashchenko. A member of the Russian Writers Union, the author of horror novels and thrillers.

This event is supported by the Pushkin House Young Russian Talent Programme .

To find more information about authors, please CLICK HERE .

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