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Russian River and Black Sea Cruises

Language: In English

One of the most relaxing and interesting ways to discover the immense cultural riches and changing landscapes of any country is aboard a ship! Join us to explore Russia and Ukraine from the comfort and security of a modern river cruiser where you will sail along the picturesque Volga – the largest in Russia – the mighty Ukranian Dnepr, or the fabulous Black Sea coast. Along the intricate waterways of interconnecting rivers, canals and lakes that link Moscow with St. Petersburg or Kiev with the Black Sea, we will take the opportunity to explore the diversity of both modern and ancient cities along the way. Encounter the enchanting and peaceful nature of Eastern Europe’s countryside, in style!

Apart from the cultural highlights along the route, the travel experts from Go Russia will give you details of accommodation, boat characteristics, available routes, and many other practicalities you need to consider before joining a Russian river or Black Sea cruise. The seminar is supported by video and photographic presentation.

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