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RussiSince Perestroika : Marina Goldovskaya’s Retrospective

Screening:Осколки зеркала /The Shattered Mirror 1992 58 mins

Language: InRussian withEnglish subtitles

THE SHATTERED MIRROR is an extraordinary personal journey through ordinary Russian life at a time of great change. The filmmaker uses her camera and familiarity with Russian society to present an intimate and piercing view of her fellow citizens and her country. At a fast-moving pace, we meet her friends and acquaintances, from the simple laborer to a newly rich entrepreneur. The filmmaker turns the camera on her own life as well, providing deeply personal revelations, through scenes of her own wedding and of her mother's death. While filming a tense street confrontation between opposing political forces, she remarks, "I am shooting and crying!" THE SHATTERED MIRROR is a remarkable look at the new life, opportunities and challenges the people of Russia are facing.


  • Director, Writer and Cinematographer; MARINA GOLDOVSKAYA

  • Golden Gate Award 1993; San Fransisco Film Festival
  • Golden Hugo Award 1993; International Film Festival, Chicago
  • Prix Italia International Festival,Rome
  • San Francisco International Film Festival: "Exuberant and masterful filmmaking. A deceptively simple and spontaneous work which reveals the filmmakers wonderful intimacy with her subject matter and her strong command of the cra

Pushkin House is proud to present the Retrospective of Marina Goldovskaya, an eminent Russian documentary film-maker famed for her candid portrayal of people. The recipient of numerous documentary film and lifetime achievement awards, she currently serves as a professor at the UCLA School of Film and Television in Los Angeles. The documentaries screened in Pushkin House give a picture of Russia’s transformation after the Perestroika.

About Marina Goldovskaya

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