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Seventh Translators' Evening with Stephen Capus and Peter Daniels


The Pushkin Club is continuing with its series of events: “Translators’ Evenings”, where translators of Russian poetry and prose read and discuss their work. Translators, academics, students and anybody interested in Russian literature are invited to discuss the relation between the original and the translation, compare (if available) different translations of the same original and see how the art of translation helps literature to cross over boundaries between languages and cultures.

Translations and originals are available before the evening in the links below. If you wish to follow the discussion please print them out and bring them with you.

Boris Slutsky 1919 -1986

Stephen Capus studied Russian Language and Literature at Birmingham University and then went on to do research on the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies in London. He has published poems, translations and reviews in various periodicals, including The London Magazine, Acumen, Agenda and Slavonic and East European Review . He currently works in administration at University College London.

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