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Language: In Russian with English subtitles

We're bringing two bizarre horror movies straight from the USSR.Horror in the Soviet Union shared the same fate with sex; and if sex was nevertheless trying to beat its way to the cinema screens guerrilla style, no tradition of horror cinema established during the Soviet times. Nevertheless, the Soviet era produced a number of great films with the elements of horror, fantasy and mysticism that nowadays are largely for gotten, or were never actually known to a Western viewer.


·· 18:00 - Viy (1967, Georgi Kropacyov, Konstantin Yershov): Viy became known as the first and only horror film made in the Soviet Union. An adaptation of the classic horror story by Nikolai Gogol about demonic creatures and witches.

·· 19:20 - Savage Hunt of King Stakh (1979, Valeri Rubinchik): Belarusian story of revenge featuring the undead Stakh and his horsemen. A must-see just because it’s creepy AND Belarusian.

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