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The II Edition of Marylebone Champagne Society's Young Artists Fund Award Audition Recital

Language: In English

Audition for the period July Sept.2013- Aug.2015 (Ist participant of the three selected musicians)


Yusk Osada

This is the 1st audition for the three musicians chosen for the II MCS Young Artists Award with the second in March [&] the last in June of 2013 taking place. Each participant is given a full recital with an intermission in between, (performance time min. 70 min.) following our program guideline. This is the first Edition in which the Members [&] the Audiences are invited to participate in the decision making to select the next recipient, together with our adjudicator.

Yusk Osada

Born in 1982 currently studies under Prof. Bernd Goetzke at Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover. Despite his Tourette syndrome he has exhibited immense musicality as a potential concert performer and have acquired much praise and admiration for his pianistic capacities.

1. The Applicant must have an experience of performing in the following: a commercially organised public solo recital [&] a concert as soloist with orchestra. in a public venue. The organiser may not include the following: performer him/herself or the family, institute of which the artists have received his education, or embassy of the artist’s country.

2. The artists must have a record of being selected for the semi – finals of major competitions agreed upon by the Board as minimum requirements.

3. 2 Letters of recommendation of which one is not the paedadogue of the artist.

4. In some exceptional cases the above condition will be re considered if three recommendation is submitted of whom all the board Members will accept the documentation.

Article 4 will be not be consudered for a second candidate in one Edition.

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