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The Imperial Palaces of St Petersburg

Lectureby Dr Nicholas Gendle (Oxford University).

Language: In English

This illustrated lecture will present the palaces built in St Petersburg and its environs during the 18th and early 19th century for successive Russian sovereigns – Catherine I, Elizabeth, Catherine II and Paul I. These palaces illustrate on a magnificent scale the introduction and development in Russia of the great international styles of Baroque and Neoclassicism, both in their architecture and interior decoration.

The foreign architects of these palaces spent the greater part of their careers in Russia, and were important in training talented Russians to work as their assistants. We will study, in particular the achievements of the Italian Rastrelli and the London Scot Cameron, who were also distinguished designers of décor and furniture. We will concentrate on their work at the Winter Palace in the capital, and the country palaces of Peterhof, the Catherine palace at Tsarkoye Selo, and at Pavlovsk.
The lecture will last about an hour followed by questions and a discussion.

Information: m.07786961523.

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