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Celebrate Russian Christmas in grand style in an evening which will tickle and tease all your senses with great food, lively entertainment and enchanting music. In a fairy tale setting you will be welcomed with a heartwarming drink and enjoy a relaxed, convivial and magical evening. The centrepiece will be a sumptuous three-course meal with exquisite canapés lovingly created especially for you by the epicureans at Russian Revels.

You will enter an immersive fairy tale world inspired by E.T.A Hoffman’s ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’, an altogether more complex, evocative and even darker story than Tchaikovsky’s sugar-sweet ballet we all know and love.

Discover the story within the story. Liberate that sugar-craving child within you. Walk and eat along the journey with the Nutcracker Prince and his magical toys. Choose your offering to the giant Christmas tree, savour the dinner inspired by Russian winter and, how else, nuts and kernels. And when you think there is no turning back, you’ll enter the Sweetmeatburgh of Sugarplums and real Arab coffee in dzezva pots. Ptschikh!

What will happen: a sumptuous 3 course-dinner with exquisite canapés created by Russian Revels with welcoming drinks and an immersive fairytale like world. You’ll walk and talk and play a bit, you drink and eat at leisure. And the music, music!


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