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Trans-Siberian Railroad - Epic Journey

Language: In English

In association with Go Russia

It is the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway which holds the vast territory of Siberia together. The actual length of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, or simply TransSib, from Moscow to Vladivostok, is over 9,288 kilometres, covering nearly all Eurasia. It’s the longest railway on the planet (complete non-stop trip from Moscow to Vladivostok takes 7 days), passing through two continents: Europe (19% of the whole length) and Asia (81%).

Apart from the cultural highlights and treasures of nature to be found along the route, the travel experts from Go Russia will give you details of accommodation and transport options available in various regions, a wide range of holiday activities, and many other practicalities you need to consider before taking this trip. The seminar is supported by video and photographic presentation.

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