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Tudors, Stuarts and Russian Tsars: exchange in art


Language: In English

Talk by Dr. Olga Dmitrieva, Deputy Director of Kremlin Museum in Moscow and co-curator of the exhibition “Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars 1509-1685” at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Dr. Olga Dmitrieva
Deputy General Director
Moscow Kremlin Museums
Associate Professor, Department of Medieval and Early Modern History, Faculty of History, Moscow State University
Education: Moscow State University (M.A. – 1981, Ph.D – 1983)
Post-doctoral dissertation – 2011 (Parliament and political culture in England in the 16 - beginning of the 17 c.)
Sphere of academic interest:
History of Medieval and Early Modern England (intellectual world, political culture, court culture)
Culture and art of Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Social and political development of England in the 16 c. Moscow, 1993.
Elizabeth Tudor. Moscow, 1998. (3-rd. ed. – 2012)
Russia-Britain. To commemorate the 450 th anniversary of Diplomatic relations. Moscow, 2003.
Dmitrieva O., Abramova N. Britannia [&] Muscovy. English Silver at the Court of the Tsars. New Haven and London, 2006.
Author of more than 150 works on various aspects of English History.

In celebration of 500 years of Anglo-Russian exchange V[&]A museum put together a major show of art of the courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to Ivan the Terrible and the early Romanovs. Pushkin House hosts a lecture by co-curator of the exhibition, the deputy director of Kremlin Museums in Moscow, Dr. Olga Dmitrieva. A renown Russian historian will talk about spectacular world of kings, queens, merchants and courtiers from 1509 to 1685. Looking closely to unique art objects of the period she reveals intriguing stories behind their creation and dwelling in Royal palaces.

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