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Walls: Contemporary Artists on Cultural Identity

A lecture by Ildar Galeyev of Moscow's Galeyev Gallery

Language: In Russian.

tl_files/images/events/2014/February/self-Sokolov.jpg There were many fine and original artists working during this period, but only a very few – Malevich, Tatlin, Rodchenko, etc – are known to art-lovers in the West. The Galeyev Gallery in Moscow has, during recent years, put on a remarkable series of exhibitions devoted to some of these artists, many of whom are little known either because they met early deaths in the Gulag or because they were forced into compromises which left them unable to fulfil their original promise. This lecture will be devoted to Petr Sokolov, a brilliant and influential book illustrator who was close to the OBERIIU poets, whose children's books he often illustrated.

The dream of the OBERIIU was to create not only plays, prose and poetry but also music, painting and film. It is often forgotten how close this dream came to realisation. Sokolov, for example - but for his arrest in eary 1935 - would have designed the sets and costumes for Shostakovich’s opera, Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District . Still more remarkable, however, is how much Sokolov actually managed to achieve.


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