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FESTIVAL: "Saint Petersburg: Take Another Look" Film - 'Shopping Tour'

“Shopping Tour” (2012, 70 minutes) Dir Mikhail Brashinsky

  Film starts at 7.30pm. In Russian with subtitles.

SHOPPING TOUR is a cannibal dramedy by the Russian filmmaker Mikhail BRASHINSKY. A group of Russian tourists go on a shopping tour to the neighboring Finland, and sadly, it turns out that there's one day a year that every Finn has to eat a foreigner. No prizes for guessing what day it is. 

We focus on a middle-aged woman and her teenage son, who records events – as we watch them – on his cell phone - in their fight for survival in a land of vegetarians turned carnivores. Of the very worst kind.

Awards: Official Selection of the XXV Helsinki International Film Festival (Love & Anarchy) (September 20 – 30, 2012). First prize Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Russia, 2012

The first popular film critic in Russian cinema to turn to filmmaking, Brashinsky made his debut as both writer and director with BLACK ICE (GOLOLED, 2003) - receiving the New Directors Showcase Award at the Seattle International Film Festival, among other prizes, that year. Since then, Mr. Brashinsky has directed ANOMALOUS ZONE (ANOMALNAYA ZONA, 2003), an episode of The Killing Force, a hit TV-series for Russia’s Channel 1, TUNGUS METEORITE (TUNGUSSKYI METEORIT, 2008), a TV-pilot, and BLOOD TYPE (GRUPPA KROVI , 2006), a documentary on the Russian Koreans. 

The screening is free, but booking is essential. Email to reserve your seat.