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FESTIVAL: "Saint Petersburg: Take Another Look" Piano Recital - Polina Fradkina and Andrey Kondakov

Renowned as a city of depth and many faces, it is hardly surprising that Saint Petersburg has nurtured a myriad of musical styles to match. Tonight's concert will be a celebration of the city's eclectic musical traditions, performed by two of Petersburg's most famous pianists.

Polina Fradkina regularly performs to packed audiences in Russia and abroad, and has become one of the most popular pianists on Russian TV. Many concur, the secret of her success is that she combines the passion and emotion of Russia's Venice of the North, with the skill and discipline of the city's classical tradition in which she was trained.  Academic classical music forms a major part of her repertoire, and she also collaborates with many modern composers, many of whom write music for her personally. Fradkina is known for a playfulness when it comes to genre - often mixing classical, modern and popular styles to form one innovative whole.

Andrei Kondakov has been a pillar of Petersburg's constantly evolving jazz scene for over three decades. Renowned as an exceptional composer, improviser and producer in his own right, Kondakov has kept drawing in the crowds thanks to his musical and personal style - a style that combines flawless technical abilities with a feel for the twists and the turns of the music as it unfolds. Involved with many projects and bands, Andrei Kondakov is a familiar face on the stages of all the world's best jazz clubs, from Oslo to New York to Sao Paolo. He is art director of the JFC Jazz Club in St Petersburg, and the the city's unofficial 'King of Jazz'.

The event is free, but booking is essential.  Please email to reserve your place.