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FESTIVAL: "Saint Petersburg: Take Another Look" - Balabanov Triple Bill, 'Happy Days'

Happy Days (Schastlivye Dni, 1991, 86 minutes)

Film starts at 12:00

happy days.jpg

Happy Days is a film aligned with the absurd, tragi-comic vision of Samuel Beckett, is set in a spookily empty, dark and deserted St Petersburg. Trams trundle into focus, the doors open, and yet there is no-one inside. Cold buildings crumble around the edges. Here a man known just as 'On', a man without a name, without a past and without a future, wanders the streets, searching. Characters slope in and out, asking favours. All he wants, is a room, where he can finally rest. Is this too much to ask?

Schastlivye Dni film won the Debyut prize in Moscow in 1992.

Aleksey Balabanov (1959 - 2013) is best known for cult gangster film 'Brother', first released in 1997. This afternoon's screening will focus on a trio of his lesser-known films.

Screening is free, but booking is essential. Email to reserve your space.