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FESTIVAL: "Saint Petersburg: Take Another Look" Film - 'The Trial'


The Trial (Protsess, 2013, 102 minutes), Dir. Konstantin Seliverstov 

Film starts at 16:30

Josef K, an ordinary bank worker, is arrested on an unproven charge. Charged but not imprisoned, the hero succumbs to the temptation to carry on as normal... but Josef soon finds the charge will not just go away of its own accord.

The legal process unfurls, seemingly endlessly - sucking him in, and taking stranger and stranger turns for the worse.  Josef K finds himself in a bureacratic nightmare from which he cannot wake up.  All his attempts to break free, any efforts to prove his innocence are futile. It could be that the problem is the system; the corruption of a normal civil cour - or perhaps Josef K is on trial against himself...

The screening is free, but booking is essential. Email to reserve your seat.