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RUSSIAN REVELS PRESENT "Russia - Through its Belly." Talk One.

‘Olivier salad and its mayonnaise – a curse or blessing in Soviet cooking?’

With authors Jennifer Eremeeva  (Lenin Lives Next Door) and Karina Baldry (Russia on a Plate  [Stonewash DD&AG, 2010]).  Hosted by the fabulous Russian Revels.

Sharing food is a beautiful way to explore someone else’s culture –  and your own.

Thinking through food has acquired an unprecedented power in the last decade where journalists, academics – and mere mortals like us - yearn to grapple with the perpetual question: “Are We What We Eat?”

Russian Revels, well known to London for their chic take on Slavic dining, are commencing a series of interactive talks, inviting well known writers, scholars and journalists to ponder and taste modern day Russia through its chrevo – “Belly. Gut. Soul.”

P.S. We’d like to add - eating together cannot erase the rage we witness on our television screens, but it might just create a little space, warm and friendly, to facilitate open discussions.


On 12 November 2014 we begin with - The Battle of Mayonnaise.

Jennifer Eremeeva, a celebrated American humourist column and a food writer, who has lived in Russia for 20 years, will be joined by Karina Baldry, a Muscovite by birth, now an established Londoner and author of a book focusing on contemporary Russian cuisine

Jennifer loathes anything doused in mayonnaise. Karina thinks emulsified eggs are the spice of life.

What do these seemingly opposing passions say about Russia and its people - its women, especially? Are we really that different? And most importantly, is there a future for mayo-laden cuisine?

These serious questions and many others will be digested in a discussion between the authors, chaired by food anthropologist and co-founder of Russian Revels, Katrina Kollegaeva.

The talk will be followed by a facilitated discussion and a mouthwatering tasting session.

This tasting-talk is the first of seven. Every one of them is in collaboration with Russian Revels, featuring delicacies and flavours specially developed by their team to reflect each particular evening's food for thought!